Upcoming Exhibition of a new body of work which explores the extension of collage principles into other art forms. for Edinburgh Art Festival 2024 at the City Dome, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh

Vitamin C+: Collage in Contemporary Art, Phiadon 2023

Moyna Flannigan is featured alongside artists such as Peter Kennard, Martha Rosler and Linder, in Vitamin C+: Collage in Contemporary Art, the latest edition of the seminal Vitamin series published by Phaidon: 100 artists chosen by a team of art experts “an indispensable who’s who of the most exciting and innovative names working in the medium”.

Vitamin C - cover page Vitamin C iamges



The Bryan Robertson Trust Award 2023

Moyna Flannigan has been awarded the prestigious Bryan Roberston Trust Award for 2023. Established on the instructions of the late Bryan Robertson (director of the Whitechapel Gallery 1962-69, broadcaster, critic, curator and passionate enthusiast for the visual arts and contemporary dance). The selection panel comprised of the Trustees - Stephen Chambers RA and Alison Wilding OBE RA, along with the advisory panel: Phyllida Barlow DBE RA, Simon Groom, Ed Hubbard, Tim Marlow OBE, Professor Roderick Megham and Ashley Page OBE. Nomination by Lauren Dyer Amazeen Flannigan will use the grant to develop a new body of work which explores extending collage principles into other art forms.


Tear Egyptian Blue

RA Summer Exhibition 2022

Invited by Stephen Chambers RA to be included his curation of Gallery 3 in the RA Summer Exhibition 2022: the theme is “climate” with the work Tear: Egyptian Blue. The painting took inspiration from ancient times when the melting snow on the mountains of Ethiopia flowed into the Nile and flooded the land making it fertile so crops could be grown.


MATTER a major new solo exhibition of paintings, collages and sculptures, accompanied by an Artists Book, launches at the Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh on October 2nd and runs to Dec 18th 2021.

This new body of work draws on Rodin’s idea that a fragment - an incomplete figure or even an isolated hand - is a work of art in its own right and the touchstone of authenticity, and links it to Minkowski’s Wire, a theory in physics which states that each and every thing is connected in space and time by a wire to everything else that exists. Therefore nobody is alone, even in lockdown in the middle of a pandemic. 

The Artists Book MATTER designed by James Brook, is composed of a continuous collage of images and words brought together in an imaginative dialogue about What Matters. The book is available from the contacts page on this website and in person at the exhibition. 


A film for Ingleby Gallery and a Podcast for Galerie Akinci made during lockdown.

Museum Arnhem collection

Moyna Flannigan and Galerie Akinci are proud to announce that Moyna Flannigan’s The Bather and Tear have been acquired by Museum Arnhem, Netherlands, for their collection.

The Bather Tear


Installation - Gallery of Modern Art

NOW | Monster Chetwynd, Henry Coombes, Moyna Flannigan, Betye Saar, Wael Shawky

Modern One

Until Sun 28 Apr 2019

Moyna Flannigan new collages and paintings, shown here for the first time, mark a significant transition in her approach to making. This breakthrough work, with its focus on materiality, offers a new perspective on representation of the female image.



Tear - a series of collages

"images exist for themselves. We are intended not to see beyond them, but merely to see them, or to see because of them. The things are themselves, they don't necessarily directly refer to something else, but in being themselves they are caught in a web of meaning and reference. … it becomes difficult to talk about images without talking about the way those images are pieced together, and its just as difficult to talk about the organising structure, the form that propels the piece, without talking about individual images, for they are both born of the same stuff. They both draw their life not just from a feeling but from a feeling structure."


Pina Bausch by Royd Climenhaga, Routledge p93

Gimpel Fils

earth sky body

Gimpel Fils, London
17 September - 14 November, 2015

Moyna Flannigan, Stare


Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow
30 May - 2 Nov, 2014

For GENERATION Flannigan has created a new body of work for her exhibition entitled Stare. She draws on the story of Adam and Eve in her series of drawings The First People to reflect an underlying conflict between individualism and conformity. Her paintings focus on the archetypal figure of Eve, an original model, which she reinvents for our times.

Creative Scotland

VANHUIT HIER – OUT OF HERE: The Collectors Show

After You've Gone (II)

Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, Netherlands
03.09.2011 – 08.01.2012

The Van Abbe celebrates its 75th anniversary with VANUIT HIER – OUT OF HERE - a series of exhibitions exploring the relationship between art in Eindhoven and the rest of the world.
A selection of works by Moyna Flannigan feature in the Collectors Show (Collection Hunting).

Ten prominent collectors from Eindhoven were invited to share their passion for art with the public.

The show features international artists such as Francis Picabia, Lynda Benglis and Paul McCarthy as well as younger artists such as Yael Bartana, Ryan Gander, Moyna Flannigan and Marc Bijl. The exhibition was curated by the museum director Charles Esche and the curator Christiane Berndes, with exhibition design by the internationally renowned Eindhoven designer Piet Hein Eek.

Moyna Flannigan: New Work

After You've Gone (II)

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh
31 July - 17 October 2010

Event: In Conversation with Keith Hartley, Chief Curator, on Monday 4 October 2010, 12.45pm, Gymnasium Lecture Theatre, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

New Work by Moyna Flannigan forms part of What you see is where you're at: Part 3, the third major wave of displays celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

"The women in Flannigan's paintings are at once victims and potential threats. As they gasp their last breath their provocatively splayed, stick-like limbs and wasp-like torsos make them look like insects, spiders or scorpions still capable of inflicting a last deadly bite or sting………

Flannigan's new paintings are among the freest and most spirited works she has produced. They still delight in the absurdities and incongruities of life that were such a part of her earlier paintings, but now everything has been raised to a more mythic, dreamlike level."

© Keith Hartley, Chief Curator & Deputy to the Director, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

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